Dissecting Linux/Moose: a Linux Router-based Worm Hungry for Social Networks

A malware family that primarily targets Linux-based consumer routers but that can infect other Linux-based embedded systems in its path: Dissecting Linux/Moose.

Moose – the router worm with an appetite for social networks

A new worm is infecting routers in order to commit social networking fraud, hijacking victims’ internet connections in order to “like” posts and pages, “view” videos and “follow” other accounts.

Unboxing Linux/Mumblehard: Muttering spam from your servers

Today, ESET researchers reveal a family of Linux malware that stayed under the radar for more than 5 years. We have named this family Linux/Mumblehard. A white paper about this threat is available for download on WeLiveSecuriy.

Linux haunted by Ghost vulnerability

Security researchers have found a vulnerability inherent to a widely used component in most versions of Linux, reports Computer World.

Do you really need antivirus software for Linux desktops?

It started, innocently enough, as a question asked in the ESET Security Forum titled “Eset – Do I Really Need Antivirus On My Linux Distros?” However, the answer to that seemingly simple question on Linux antivirus is more complex than a simple yes-or-no response.

How do open source tools stay secure?

Security of open source code is a hot topic, what with Heartbleed, Shellshock, and Poodle making the news. Open source code is now widely used everywhere, from big enterprises to small businesses. This recorded webinar discusses how to keep open source tools secure,

Operation Windigo: “Good job, ESET!” says malware author

Following the recognition at Virus Bulletin 2014 of ESET’s research on Operation Windigo, I took the opportunity to ask Marc-Etienne Léveillé – who worked directly on the Operation Windigo report a few questions. Marc-Etienne is a malware researcher at ESET.

How to resolve Shellshock on Mac OS X, web servers and more

The “Bash Bug” or “Shellshock” vulnerability means a wide range of devices, servers and computers, including Mac OS X, will need to be patched to prevent abuse by malicious persons. Here’s advice about what to do and links to more in-depth resources.

Ubuntu One eliminará archivos definitivamente: ¡descarga los que necesites!

El 31 de julio se borrarán los datos que sigan almacenados en Ubuntu One. Te mostramos cómo descargar todos tus archivos de una sola vez.

Could latest NSA revelations further impact online behavior, denting the economy?

Internet surveillance by America’s National Security Agency (NSA) has been further exposed by two new developments: the analysis of leaked NSA surveillance reports and the XKeyscore targeting code. Will these stories increase the number of Internet users who say they are inclined to reduce their online engagement due to the activities of the NSA and GCHQ.

Crítica vulnerabilidad en Linux permite ejecución de código desde 2009

Esta semana se dio a conocer la existencia de una vulnerabilidad de 5 años de antigüedad que afecta a la mayoría de las distribuciones del sistema operativo Linux. La misma radica en el kernel del sistema operativo y permite, entre otras cosas, la ejecución de código arbitrario y la elevación de privilegios. Fue introducida al

Adobe publicó un parche para el Zero-day en Internet Explorer

Adobe lanzó ayer un parche para Adobe Flash, que imposibilita la ejecución del zero-day en Internet Explorer. Fue publicado pocas horas después de que el gobierno de Estados Unidos recomendara a los usuarios de Internet Explorer que cambiaran de navegador, según el comunicado de prensa del United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US CERT). La actualización

Rescata tus archivos eliminados gracias a PhotoRec

Es frecuente borrar archivos accidentalmente, ya sea de la memoria del teléfono móvil, de la computadora personal, un reproductor mp3 o un dispositivo USB. Pero no siempre se tiene un backup de esa información, y al eliminarla se pierde por completo. En esta oportunidad hablaremos acerca de una herramienta de código abierto y libre con

Over 500,000 PCs attacked every day after 25,000 UNIX servers hijacked by Operation Windigo

Malware researchers at ESET have uncovered a widespread cybercriminal operation that has seized control of tens of thousands of Unix servers. Learn more about how to check your systems for compromise, and prevent innocent computer users from being attacked.

Operation Windigo – the vivisection of a large Linux server-side credential-stealing malware campaign

Our report titled “Operation Windigo – the vivisection of a large Linux server-side credential-stealing malware campaign” details our analysis of a set of malicious programs that infect servers and desktop PCs, and send nearly 500,000 web users to malicious content daily.”

An In-depth Analysis of Linux/Ebury

In this blog post, we provide an in-depth analysis of Linux/Ebury – the most sophisticated Linux backdoor ever seen by our researchers. It is built to steal OpenSSH credentials and maintain access to a compromised server.

Tendencias 2014: la evolución del cibercrimen

Continuando con el resumen de tendencias en materia de seguridad informática para el año 2014, en el cual ya hablamos de la privacidad en Internet, ahora es tiempo de enfocarnos en el cibercrimen. Los códigos maliciosos y vulnerabilidades en diversas plataformas son algunos de los temas a tratar. ¿Hacia dónde va el cibercrimen en el

Introducción al análisis estático en Linux: debugging con GDB

La diversidad de códigos maliciosos ha conllevado a que los analistas deban enfocarse en diversas plataformas para realizar los análisis correspondientes. En este caso, profundizaremos sobre GDB, el debugger por defecto presente en las distintas distribuciones Linux. Anteriormente cubrimos temas referentes a herramientas para análisis dinámico de malware, en este caso profundizaremos aquello referido a

Linux/Cdorked.A malware: Lighttpd and nginx web servers also affected

Some 400 web servers found infected with Linux/Cdorked.A. including 50 in Alexa’s top 100,000 websites. And this backdoor has been applied to Lighttpd and nginx binaries in addition to Apache.

Linux Apache malware: Why it matters to you and your business

This comprehensive look at the problems of malware on Linux Apache web servers explains the threats to business and helps you figure out if your organization is likely to be affected.

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