Navegar desde Google puede resultar… amargo

En estos días, y luego de las campañas de SEO llevadas adelante por los atacantes, hemos estado observando algunos casos de páginas web que se comportan distinto dependiendo del sitio que los referencie. Este es el caso de algunas páginas que son visualizadas correctamente si se tipea la URL en el navegador pero, si se

The Hard Facts

I was recently quoted at http://www.internetnews.com/search/article.php/3798021 regarding Google ad words. Actually, ad words matter to advertisers and to some of the bad guys, but I don’t think the average user pays much attention to whether the result is an ad or what the industry calls an “organic” hit, which is anything but organic and is

Google Chrome May be the Wrong Choice

After having used the Google Chrome internet browser for a while now, I can say that it is generally a pretty nice browser, but I have some very serious privacy concerns.

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