Five million Gmail credentials posted online

Some five million people who used their Gmail address as a user name had their passwords published by someone who apparently thinks that’s a cool thing to do. Changing you Gmail password now is a good idea.

Internet privacy: Seven rules to keep secrets safe

You are never truly invisible online – and even if you equip yourself with an arsenal of privacy tools, you’ll still be watched. But there are ways to ensure that you and your business never “overshare”. Here’s seven of them.

Google dorks – FBI warning about dangerous ‘new’ search tool

The FBI has issued a warning to police and other emergency response personnel about a lethal new tool which ‘malicious actors’ have been using to deadly effect against American government institutions – Google dorks.

Google Images hacked? Searches fill with morbid image

An image of a Russian car crash has piled up in Google Images – leading to speculation that the service has been hacked. What’s less clear is why, or who might have done it.

Internet of Things: Google’s Nest hacked into “full-fledged” spy gizmo

Yet another “connected” device was outed as a potential spy this week – as researchers showed how Google’s Nest thermostat could be turned into a “fully-fledged spying device”.

Wi-Fi security alert on Chromecast as ‘Rickmote’ hijacks nearby boxes

A security researcher has built a remote control which hijacks any nearby Chromecast highlighting a Wi-Fi security issue, which allows an attacker to play a ‘surprise’ video on nearby gadgets.

Project Zero, la apuesta de Google para disminuir los ataques dirigidos

Google anunció el lanzamiento oficial de Project Zero, una iniciativa que nucleará a investigadores de seguridad que buscarán reducir la cantidad de personas afectadas por ataques dirigidos en Internet. El objetivo del equipo será buscar vulnerabilidades críticas en los sistemas y alertar sobre ellas antes de que sean explotadas con fines maliciosos.

Google Drive privacy warning – could yours have leaked data?

Files sent as a link from Google Drive could have shared more than their senders intended, Google admitted this week – in a Google Drive privacy post where the internet giant admitted files could be visible to people other than their intended recipients.

How to remove your house from Google Street View

How are YOU supposed to remove your house from Google Street View if you don’t like the idea that Google drove one of its Street Cars up your road, took a photo of your front door without your permission, and then published it on the net?

Fortunately, there is a way…

Prueba de concepto: spyware desarrollado para Google Glass

Como suele suceder con las nuevas tecnologías que surgen en el mercado, es cuestión de tiempo para que empiecen a aparecer pruebas de concepto de diversos ataques. Este fue el caso de Google Glass, ya que durante esta semana apareció un spyware que permite sacar fotos a través de este equipo sin que el usuario

Firefox, Internet Explorer y Adobe vulnerados en concurso de ethical hacking

Esta semana se ha desarrollado el concurso Pwn2Own, en el que se repartieron $400.000 a algunos participantes que han logrado vulnerar aplicaciones tan populares como Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox y algunos productos de Adobe. El grupo francés Vupen, conocido por comercializar las vulnerabilidades que han encontrado, se alzó con el premio más grande otorgado,

Microsoft y Google dan un paso más por la seguridad de los niños en Internet

Proteger a los más pequeños en Internet ha sido prioridad para muchas empresas y organizaciones en el mundo. Esta vez Microsoft y Google han acordado aplicar una serie de medidas para disminuir el intercambio de pornografía infantil en la red. La noticia que fue publicada por el diario británico Daily Mail resalta como estos dos gigantes

Encuentran vulnerabilidades críticas en Samsung Galaxy S4 y iPhone 5

Investigadores presentes en la competencia de hacking de plataformas móviles Mobile Pwn2Own dieron a conocer esta semana varias vulnerabilidades que permitirían el robo de información y, en algunos casos, la instalación de malware en el dispositivo atacado. Las fallas de seguridad fueron atacadas con exploits zero-day, y serán corregidas de forma inmediata, otorgando premios monetarios a

Do consumers pass the buck on online safety? New survey reveals mixed messages

Who is responsible for privacy and online safety on social networks? ESET asked Harris Interactive to poll American adults and found some interesting responses, positive advances in cyber-citizenship, but also some apparent disconnects.

Google identifies 10,000 phishing and malware sites every day

Google’s Safe Browsing program is now flagging 10,000 suspect websites per day, the search giant announced in a blog post

Criminal hackers increasingly attracted to smaller businesses

Even the smallest web based business in the world will attract criminal hackers interested in stealing financially valuable data.

Rogue developers hiding Android malware in apps on Google Play

Respected security blogger Brian Krebs reports that an “explosion in Android malware” is being fuelled by a growing market for hijacked of rogue developer accounts on Google Play, Google’s official Android app store.

Twitter makes two factor the authentication process du jour

Following the examples of Google, Facebook, Yahoo and DropBox, Twitter is reportedly ready to roll out a two factor sign in process for its millions of users. This comes in light of February’s attack when some 250,000 passwords were stolen.

What do Win32/Redyms and TDL4 have in common?

At the beginning of January 2013, we started tracking the interesting Win32/Redyms trojan family. Redyms is notable for changing search results from popular search engines on infected machines.

How to keep your email clean and safe

Your email account can be used by cyber criminals to spread malware or attempt to steal personal details from you. Follow our tips for a safer email experience.  Create and use secure passwords As with all your online activity, you should always choose passwords that are hard to guess and to crack. This means long

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