Fake Adobe Update Update…

Larry Seltzer and David Phillips have kindly sent me the full text of the fake Adobe update messages I previously mentioned here and here. Here it is, without some of the extraneous and in some cases dangerous detail.

From: Adobe Support <newsletter@[fake domain>
Reply-To: Adobe Support <address as described in modified form in previous blog>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 00:20:41 +0000
To: <recipient address>
Subject: Action Required :Active Your New Adobe PDF Reader


This is to remind that a new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader with enhanced features for viewing, creating, editing, printing and internet-sharing PDF documents has been released.

To upgrade your application:

+ Go to <fake site>
+ Get your options, download and upgrade.

Thanks and best regards,
Adam Anderson

Adobe Acrobat Reader Support
Copy rights Adobe 2010 © All rights reserved
1021 Avenue Rd | Seatle | CA | 91523 | USA

Congratulations to Seattle on losing a superfluous 't' and moving to Burbank.

ESET Senior Research Fellow

Author David Harley, ESET

  • Iris Pronker

    Twice I have received such a fake Adobe Update. Fortunately i haven't responded and clicked on the link, given in the mail, but it worries me that these mails are being sent and not recognized by McAfee's Total Internet Security!

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