Osama bin Laden is alive and well… on Facebook

The death of Osama bin Laden has gone viral, with blogs, social media and search engines pumping terabytes of rumor, innuendo and conspiracy theories at the speed of light, along with the occasional kilobyte of truth.  As the number of people searching for pictures and videos of bin Laden’s execution has skyrocketed, the criminal syndicates

Global malware thrives on the demise of a global terrorist

[NOTE:  As we were publishing this articl, our Latin American office discovered another Black Hat SEO campaign incorporating promises of Osama bin Laden videos on Facebook.  Click here to view their article in Spanish. We will follow up on this shortly.  AG] The malware phenomenon started by the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death continues

Resumen de amenazas de abril

Escuchá el resumen mensual de amenazas en formato podcast: Nuevamente traemos con ustedes el resumen mensual de amenazas correspondiente al mes de abril. Se reportó durante este mes una importante intrusión a la red de Sony PlayStation en donde se expusieron los datos de 77 millones de cuentas de usuarios, un incidente que fue catalogado

Cyberthieves just love a good wedding, or a funeral…

Not using Twitter or Facebook is, in these times, akin to not owning or using a mobile ‘phone. Last night’s events – the reported death of Osama Bin Laden – proved that we are well and truly in the Twitter era (Twitter reported that over 4000 tweets per second were made immediately preceding the President’s

Evento en Facebook: averigua quién visita tu perfil

Como todas las semanas compartimos con ustedes las nuevas amenazas propagadas por la web, especialmente en esta ocasión a través de redes sociales. Durante la pasada Semana Santa, la red social Facebook se vio afectada nuevamente por la propagación de mensajes con contenido publicitario. En este nuevo caso, las víctimas caen en la curiosidad que

El negocio de los clics: ¿cuántos usuarios llegan por hora?

La semana pasada compartíamos con ustedes el engaño que genera la ejecución de clics en los mensajes de publicidad que se difunden en las redes sociales. Es importante destacar que esta amenaza se extiende cada día más en la red, utilizando mensajes con un contenido muy llamativo con técnicas de Ingeniería Social, para que la

El negocio de los clics

La web ofrece en la actualidad varias maneras de poder hacer rentable un negocio. Un claro ejemplo de esto es la publicidad o anuncio en la web mediante Google Adsense. Este servicio permite mostrar anuncios incrustados en el contenido de una página web, la cual genera ingresos basándose en los clics de los visitantes. Se

Resumen de amenazas de marzo

Escuchá el resumen mensual de amenazas en formato podcast: Compartimos nuevamente con ustedes el resumen mensual de amenazas correspondiente al mes de marzo. Lamentablemente, este mes se caracterizó por el desastre natural ocurrido en Japón. A partir de esta noticia, los creadores de malware buscaron propagar sus amenazas mediante el uso de Ingeniería Social. Veamos

Facebook Fixes Flaw – Farmville Compromises Facebook

After the release of FireSheep, Facebook took an important step to help protect Facebook user accounts by allowing users to choose to keep an encrypted connection as long as they used just Facebook and intelligently designed apps. Savvy users immediately discovered that if they tried to use grossly insecure apps such as Farmville, 21 Questions,

Facebook Ads: the Likes of You

Many Facebook users are annoyed to discover that their names and faces can be used in sponsored FB ads. Indeed, according to Dan Tynan in IT World, the next phase will to allow 3rd-party advertisers to do the same thing inside Facebook apps. I'm not a great fan of the FB principle of all your

Scam: hackear Facebook por un SMS

La curiosidad de muchos usuarios por conseguir la contraseña de alguna persona, es algo que los atacantes suelen aprovechar a su favor, ya que así suelen llamar la atención de las víctimas. A causa de esto, en muchos casos las personas terminan convirtiéndose en victimas de servicios fraudulentos o sufren el robo de información sensible.

Hoax en Facebook: una chica en la webcam

Muchas veces la sencillez de un mensaje con un contenido llamativo, puede llegar a generar una gran cantidad de víctimas. En este caso vamos a compartir con ustedes un nuevo hoax, el cual se propaga por la red social Facebook. Se define hoax a un mensaje falso, que se distribuye masivamente con objetivos inofensivos al

Ginger Rogers hoax

I've been coming across several references to an email and Facebook hoax relating to a YouTube that's claimed to show 92-year-old Ginger Rogers dancing with her great-grandson. Of course, it isn't: she died in 1995 in her 80s. This isn't a threat: it's a genuine movie and an interesting enough story to stand on its own,

Facebook Spam: the Fifth Wave

My colleague from ESET Ireland, Urban Schrott, reports that the company has seen a megawave of Facebook spams:  five separate spams in 24 hours. I've no idea of the numbers involved, but Urban's "think before you click" message is well worth repeating. The post is to ESET Ireland's CyberThreats Daily blog post: the company also

Facebook and 419s

…I know that Facebook has various countermeasures for dealing with the even more various types of fraud that Facebook users are subjected to. Does it really believe that those measures are so effective, no fraudulent message can ever get through?

Resumen de amenazas de enero

Escuchá el resumen mensual de amenazas en formato podcast: Nuevamente compartimos con ustedes el resumen mensual de amenazas más importantes del mes de enero. En estos días, pudimos comprobar nuevamente que las redes sociales son un blanco muy importante a la hora de distribuir malware. En este caso, la afectada fue la red social de

You Have the Right to Remain Silent, but You Won’t

Did you know that what you post on Facebook can be used as evidence in a court of law? At least that is the case in the US. Ironically I found the story on an Australian web site :) The story at http://www.itnews.com.au/News/246329,facebook-posts-mined-for-court-case-evidence.aspx is well worth reading. It is not only your public messages than

The Hidden Face of Facebook Security

Facebook actually does have some exceptionally talented security professionals. They have almost no depth in privacy, but they have real security talent. A part of the problem is that the Facebook culture is anti-security and that is a very tough obstacle for their security professionals. Facebook security is by marketing design. Take a look at

Encrypted Facebook Chat?

With the release of Firesheep the Firefox add on HTTPS Everywhere has increased in popularity as it helps ensure that your Facebook session is encrypted. Using Facebook over https breaks the chat on Facebook however. The other day a friend of mine initiated a chat with me on Facebook. Imagine my surprise since I was

Check your Facebook Account

Facebook is rolling out a new look for user profiles. Facebook started making its new profile optional last month, but is now forcing the new format on all users. At least one security expert I know indicated that his privacy settings were not maintained when his account was switched to the new format. On Facebook

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