¿Control remoto de aviones? Los secretos de la comunicación por satélite

¿Es realmente posible tomar control remoto de aviones? Rubén Santamarta desentrama las comunicaciones satelitales de sus sistemas y expone vulnerabilidades.

Homeland Security warns of new Point of Sale attacks

New malware targeting point of sale (PoS) systems, detected by ESET as Win32/Spy.Agent.OKG is described in a warning and analysis distributed by US-CERT, a reminder to increase security around PoS access.

Some D-Link routers contain “backdoor” which allows remote access, researcher warns

Some models of the popular routers made by D-Link contain a “backdoor” which could allow a remote attacker access to settings and private data, a researcher has warned.

The stealthiness of Linux/Cdorked: a clarification

We clarify that the Linux/Cdorked backdoor malware leaves no traces on the hard drive “other than its modified httpd binary” which can be scanned for detection in several ways.

Linux/Cdorked.A: New Apache backdoor being used in the wild to serve Blackhole

Analysis of a malicious backdoor serving Blackhole exploit pack found on Linux Apache webserver compromised by malware dubbed Linux/Cdorked.A, together with remediation tool and techniques.

Linux Tsunami hits OS X

We’ve just come across an IRC controlled backdoor that enables the infected machine to become a bot for Distributed Denial of Service attacks. The interesting part about it is that it’s a Mach-O binary – targeting Mac OS X. ESET’s research team compared this to samples in our malware collection and discovered that this code

Towering Qbot Certificates

New stolen digital certificates are used by the multi-purpose backdoor Qbot. The criminals behind the Qbot trojan are certainly not inactive. As I mentioned in a blog post earlier this month, after a quiet summer we have seen a batch of new Qbot variants. An interesting fact is that the malicious binaries were digitally signed.

Más y más phishing brasileño

A pesar de ser un tema muy reiterado, los famosos ataques de phishing continúan siendo muy efectivos a la hora de obtener información de los usuarios descuidados. Estas técnicas de ataque, consisten en duplicar el sitio web original de la entidad bancaria donde acceden las victimas, creyendo que ingresan al sitio real y sin darse

El abuelo de los backdoors

Cuando comenzamos a descubrir el apasionante mundo de la seguridad informática hay algunos conceptos que revolucionan nuestra manera de concebir las cosas. Al menos fue mi caso. Afortunadamente aún no pierdo la capacidad de asombro, pero sin duda una de las ideas que mas me hizo pensar en la existencia de la confianza no fueron

W32/Induc.A FAQ

Sebastián Bortnik, Security Analyst at ESET Latin America, has shared with me his translation of an FAQ written with Cristian Borghello, ESET Latin America'sTechnical and Educational Manager, about the malware ESET NOD32 detects as Win32/Induc.A. I've done a little cosmetic editing on the original and added quite a lot of material (so any mistakes and

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