Investigadores muestran cómo un drone podría robar datos de smartphones

En esta ocasión la tecnología desarrollada es conocida como Snoopy, con la cual es posible robar los usuarios y contraseñas almacenados en un Smartphone, una vez más, un invento que comenzó siendo solo de uso militar luego de algunos años comienza a popularizarse y se transforma en una tecnología de uso cotidiano y civil. Este

Hidden backdoor in top Samsung Galaxy models ‘allows remote spying on users’

A hidden backdoor in the modified version of Android run by nine Samsung Galaxy models could allow attackers to spy remotely on user data – and even snoop on users using hardware such as the GPS system, camera and microphone.

El costo de las aplicaciones #Segurinfo

Cada vez son más y más las aplicaciones creadas que se usan para el esparcimiento, el control de dispositivos como televisores, equipos audio o luces, entre otras usos. Claramente, el objetivo es facilitar situaciones de la vida cotidiana, y los ciberdelincuentes también están al tanto de este objetivo. Saben que, por ejemplo, muchos usuarios prestan

Whatsapp security fears over rogue apps ‘reading’ user chats

Hit messaging app Whatsapp may not be as secure as its 450 million users believe – after an independent security consultant revealed a loophole which rogue app developers could use to steal Android users’ entire Whatsapp history.

Cómo restringir las compras in-app en Android y iOS

Hoy en día, son muchos los padres que dan sus dispositivos móviles tales como smartphones y tablets para entretener a sus hijos, entregándoselos sin prestar atención a lo que hacen con el mismo. Los niños, por más pequeños que sean, adquieren rápidamente mucha destreza para manejar estos dispositivos y en muchos casos logran familiarizarse con

Android phones and tablets ship “pre-infected” with malware

Android phones and tablets from four different manufacturers are arriving with malware “pre-installed” – a bogus version of Netflix which sends password and credit card information to Russia, according to app security specialist Marble Security.

Nuevo curso sobre Seguridad Móvil en la Plataforma Educativa ESET

Desde el Laboratorio de Investigación de ESET Latinoamérica nos complace anunciarles que hemos publicado un nuevo curso en nuestra Plataforma Educativa ESET. En este caso, el material es sobre cómo aumentar la seguridad en los dispositivos móviles. El motivo principal que nos llevó a realizar un curso sobre seguridad para dispositivos móviles, es que en

Boeing unveils encrypted ‘Black’ spy phone which self-destructs when tampered with

Boeing has unveiled a smartphone fit for James Bond – the Boeing Black, which can connect to satellites and secret government telecoms networks, will self-destruct if tampered with, deleting all data and rendering the device useless.

Mastercard trials fraud-busting GPS app to end misery of blocked payments on vacation

Mastercard is piloting a scheme where smartphone GPS systems are used to authenticate purchases for travellers – which could spell an end to the frustrating and common experience where cards are blocked instantly when used abroad.

QR codes pose hidden danger to smartphone users, researchers claim

The increasing use of QR codes as a way to add interactive elements, apps and websites to display advertising, competitions or print magazines could pose a risk to smartphone users, Australian researchers at Murdoch University have warned

¿Cómo funciona ARPspoof?

ARPspoof es una técnica usada comúnmente por atacantes en redes internas para ataques MITM, DOS o para explotar algún fallo en la victima para obtener acceso al equipo en combinación con técnicas como DNSspoof y sniffing, entre otras. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP por su siglas en inglés) es un protocolo de capa 2 en el

Browser security gets a boost with updates to Chrome and Firefox for Android

It is now possible to enable HTTPS secure browsing on every website using Firefox for Android, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced.

Android 4.4 revealed to have VPN security flaw

Researchers as Ben Gurion university in Israel have discovered a vulnerability in Android 4.4 KitKat that allows an attacker to intercept and divert secure virtual private network (VPN) traffic.

Interview: ‘Fully encrypted’ Android Blackphone – will it allow for spy-proof communication?

Speaking via email, Silent Circle’s Toby Weir-Jones said of the Android device built to offer secure communication, “It’s obvious there is tremendous interest in the goals we’ve set for Blackphone, even though we have released so little concrete detail so far.”

Spy vs spy: New ‘permission management’ app helps to snuff out the bad Android software snooping on you

A new app, Snoopwall, could offfer Android users some protection against apps which listen to user data – and transmit it – a problem that plagues the operating system, by allowing users to monitor apps, and disable their ability to transmit or store data.

Snapchat habla de los 4.6 millones de usuarios al descubierto pero no se disculpa

Un fallo de seguridad descubierto el 25 de diciembre, permitió a un grupo de atacantes vulnerar la base de datos de Snapchat y exponer información sensible de usuarios como nombres, usuarios, números telefónicos, entre otros. Snapchat es un programa de mensajería instantánea que permite enviar fotos y videos a uno o más amigos. Solo tenemos

Greetings, Android! 12 tips to toughen up your new device for the real world

ESET’s Threat Trends Predictions report for 2014 found new Android malware increased 63% from 2012 to 2013 – so If you’re a user ‘switching sides’ from an Apple iDevice, you might be alarmed. But a few sensible steps are all it takes to stay safe on Google’s OS…

Holiday shoppers turning to mobile to bag bargains – but ignoring security risk, survey finds

This holiday season, shoppers are turning to mobile as a new way to hunt bargains, with purchases via mobile platforms nearly doubling year-on-year – but nearly one third of shoppers polled admitted to serious security errors, such as storing card details in smartphones.

Companies have “heads in sand” about security threat as employees sneak mobile devices to work, report warns

Employers are failing to face up to the threats posed by employees who use their own mobile devices at work – 40% of companies do not consider the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend even to be on their agenda, according to a survey of IT workers.

ESET’s Threat Trends Predictions 2014: The next battle for internet privacy, a new assault on Androids, and a new wave of hi-tech malware

The 2014 threat trends report from ESET’s global network of cybersecurity experts centers on three key trends, the first and foremost being digital privacy, the others being threats to mobile devices, and new, hi-tech malware targeting PCs and other devices in the home.

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