Chat apps leak: Billion app users from OKCupid to Grindr at risk

Nearly a billion users of a dozen chat apps for Android including popular apps such as Instagram, Oovoo, OKCupid and Grindr could be at risk from eavesdroppers and snoopers after University of New Haven researchers found serious data leakage problems.

IFA 2014: Huawei phablet has ‘iPhone-like’ fingerprint ID

Another major phone brand has added biometric security to a flagship smartphone as Huawei unveiled the ultra-thin Mate P7, complete with a rather unique fingerprint scanner, at Berlin’s IFA 2014 show.

Android security mystery – ‘fake’ cellphone towers found in U.S.

Seventeen mysterious cellphone towers have been found in America which can only be identified by a heavily customized handset built for Android security – but seem to be built to spy on passing cellphone users, according to Popular Science.

PIN number: Police want codes on ALL devices

Police hope to work with leading mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung to build in the requirement for a password or PIN number into ALL handsets to ‘target-harden’ devices.

Android Locker: un nuevo ransomware que busca suplantar antivirus

Cuando hace apenas dos meses empezamos a hablar de cómo los delincuentes estaban migrando el malware de tipo ransomware (secuestro de dispositivo) a dispositivos Android, ya preveíamos que su evolución sería rápida. No obstante, esta rapidez con la que han ido adaptando sus amenazas para pc a smartphones con Android nos ha sorprendido. Antecedentes y

Krysanec trojan: Android backdoor lurking inside legitimate apps

One of the most important pieces of advice we give Android users is to refrain from downloading applications from dubious sources and to stick to the official Google Play store, where malware does show up from time to time but is much better controlled, thanks to the Google Bouncer, than on alternative app stores.

Cómo explotar vulnerabilidades en dispositivos móviles a escala global

Cubriendo BlackHat USA 2014, vimos cómo se podría explotar vulnerabilidades en el sistema de control de las operadoras para comprometer teléfonos.

Android security flaw gives bad apps super-powers

A new Android flaw potentially affecting up to 80% of users could leave handsets vulnerable to rogue apps – leapfrogging the defenses used to ensure malicious developers are kept out.

Android/Simplocker using FBI child-abuse warnings to scare victims into paying $300

Last time we wrote about Android/Simplocker – the first ransomware for Android that actually encrypts user files – we discussed different variants of the malware and various distribution vectors that we’ve observed. Android/Simplocker has proven to be an actual threat in-the-wild in spite of its weaknesses…

Android bug in most smartphones could let rogue apps run wild

Nearly all Android smartphones contain bugs which can allow rogue apps to ignore the Permissions used to control them, according to German security researchers.

Wi-Fi light bulbs in security alert over wireless blackout hack

A high-profile ‘connected’ lighting system had a critical vulnerability which allowed attackers to take control of the entire system, switching off light bulbs at will, and which could be executed by criminals within 100 feet of a home.

Android Wi-Fi bug broadcasts where you’ve been

A feature in newer Android phones puts users’ privacy at risk – effectively broadcasting an accurate location history over the air even when the handset’s screen is turned off, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Google Glass privacy – hack lets attackers ‘see through victim’s eyes’

A hack shown off by Dutch security researchers allows an attacker to ‘take over’ Google’s new Glass headset, and send pictures and videos from the frames’ built in camera, to another computer – in effect, seeing through their victim’s eyes

Cabir, el primer código malicioso para móviles, cumple 10 años

Hoy en día nadie se sorprende cuando hablamos de nuevas amenazas para dispositivos móviles, especialmente aquellos con Android como sistema operativo. Pero hasta no hace mucho los teléfonos móviles se creían inmunes a los códigos maliciosos. En junio de 2004 nació Cabir, un gusano sin fines delictivos capaz de autorreplicarse saltando de móvil en móvil utilizando la conexión bluetooth.

Android malware: how to keep your device safe from filecoders (and everything else)

When ESET researchers analyzed the first Android ransomware controlled via Tor, it showed how quickly Android malware is evolving to match its PC cousins. Thankfully, sensible use of your device should help keep you safe.

Android to power Space Station’s “Star Wars” floating robot

No one is too surprised to meet robots on the International Space Station – its Robonaut has posed for dozens of photos with astronauts – but a floating ball with an Android smartphone and multiple cameras aboard may turn heads.

Watch Dogs: How realistic is PS4 city-hack thriller?

In Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, a man out for vengeance chooses an odd weapon – a smartphone. Loaded with deadly apps, he blows up power stations, wrecks cars and stops trains. But how close to reality is it?

Spotify breached – but just one mystery user is hacked

Music streaming service Spotify has urged its Android users to upgrade to a new version of the app after “unauthorized access to our systems and internal company data” – but only one, unnamed person fell victim.

Spotify admite brecha de seguridad: actualízalo en Android

El popular servicio de música en streaming Spotify ha sufrido un acceso no autorizado a sus sistemas, así como a datos internos. Hasta el momento, sólo se confirmó que fueron expuestos los datos de un solo usuario, y que esto no incluyó ninguna contraseña o información financiera. Actualización 29/05/14, 11:19 hs.: Spotify envió a sus

Spyware en Android toma fotos con tu celular sin que lo notes

Así es: aplicaciones de Android pueden tomar fotografías con tu teléfono móvil sin que se muestre ninguna notificación, y no aparecerán en el listado de apps instaladas. Sin que te des cuenta de que fueron tomadas, las fotos pueden ser subidas a Internet y enviadas a un servidor privado. Este alarmante descubrimiento sobre spyware en

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