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Windows 95 turns 20: The OS We All Love To Hate

...ver the user’s machine”. Behold, the great taskbar M...

Support scams, malware and mindgames without frontiers

Introduction It might not have escaped your notice that I write quite a lot about support scams, an issue in which most commentators in the security industry take only sporadic interest...

A big day for consumers: Companies answerable for poor cybersecurity

...eferring to the FTC case against pharmaceutical giant Eli L...

Make password into a story and more parental hacks

...nstalling malware and data-leaking apps, you can set their mac...hild’s social security number on your machines, it is i...irewall and anti-malware suite to help protect your home mac...

Windows 10, Privacy 0? ESET deep dives into the privacy of Microsoft's new OS

The title of this article is “Windows 10, Privacy 0: ESET deeps dives into the privacy of Microsoft's new OS” and in it I will be providing analysis of Microsoft's...

Criminals target school data: top 10 security measures for educational institutions

...ndroid tablets, Linux servers, and Mac computers along w...ith your Windows machines). But you should also have a...nd on all your individual machines –those you own, t...

Privacy online - what you can do (and what you can’t)

...emember that your PC is not the only machine logging y...ree for both Mac and Windows (‘FileVault 2’ in new v...ersions of Mac OS X, although Windows’ equivalent, ‘BitL...

How to protect your identity at school

...our Data When Using Communal Machines There may be t...cordingly: Do not use public machines to log into accounts, e...ou do need to log into an account on a public mac...

Apple releases major security updates

...luetooth paired Mac’s - or iOS device - notification c...o these updates, we recommend all Mac users to i...

Signatures, product testing, and the lingering death of AV

Virus Bulletin recently published a paper of mine on Hype heuristics, signatures and the death of AV (again). If you're one of the people who've followed my writing over the last...

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