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Botnet malware: What it is and how to fight it

... you seen any botnets on Mac, Linux, or Android? We... infected hundreds of thousands of Mac devices. What is...

Top 5 Scariest Zombie Botnets

... variants. Flashback For folks who thoughts “Macs don... Macs can and do get malware – infected machines...-fraud malware via an exploit kit, it serves Mac users with...

iCloud users in China under attack. But who could be after their passwords?

...OS devices or Macs running OS X Yosemite using the Safari...

Privacy online - what you can do (and what you can’t)

... available free for both Mac and Windows (‘FileVault 2’ in... new versions of Mac OS X, although Windows...

October is the Cyber Security Month: stats, events and advice

... topics in We Live Security: Week of October 13th: Mac...

Operation Windigo: "Good job, ESET!" says malware author

Following the recognition at Virus Bulletin 2014 of ESET’s research on Operation Windigo, I took the opportunity to ask Marc-Etienne Léveillé – who worked directly on the Operation Windigo report...

4Chan: destructive hoaxes and the Internet of Not Things

... mining feature into its computers that allowed Mac...

How to fix Shellshock Bash on Mac OS X: Mavericks edition

...Apple Mac OS X users concerned about the Bash... it's not like I don't use my Mac every day (I do... use Macs are similarly unaware of 10.9.5. Update...

How to resolve Shellshock on Mac OS X, web servers and more

... persons. The systems affected include Mac OS X computers... protect Mac OS X systems from this problem. Now... folks use on a Linux and sometimes BSD Mac servers and...

10 years of Mac OS X malware

... clear. The malware problem on Mac OS X is nothing... discovered each day. Malicious code activity in the Mac... does exist that can infect our iMacs or Mac...

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