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Cybercrime Trends & Predictions for 2015

.... Similarly, the SecureMac site also reported in February a... Bitcoin miner that affects Mac OS users. The attacks...

2014 Security Lessons: Making 2015 More Secure

..., Mac OS X and Windows 2014: The Year of the Data...

Firefox 34 disables SSL 3.0 and tackles eight security fixes

Firefox 34, the latest version of the Mozilla's popular web browser has disabled support for SSL 3.0 in reaction to the POODLE exploit, reported by We Live Security back in...

Google now lets you disconnect devices that looks 'suspicious'

... handset type, but keeps computers to either Mac or...

Smart home security - how not to be dumb with your devices

... home security. Do the same for your PCs and Macs... (firewalls are built into Windows 8 and Mac OS X). Use MAC... your network using MAC filters. Any PC or mobile...

Public Wi-Fi hotspots - know the risks

..., smartphones come a poor second to PCs or Macs when it comes... access to your files. On a Mac, you’ll find this under...

.NET goes open source and cross-platform

... eventually ensure the free code runs on Mac OS and Linux... allow the software to run on Mac OS and Linux, with...

WireLurker: new malware targets Apple users

... both Apple Mac computers and iPhones, Neowin reports... infects users through a third party Mac application store in... China called Maiyadi. Once on the iMac or Macbook, the...

Botnet malware: What it is and how to fight it

... you seen any botnets on Mac, Linux, or Android? We... infected hundreds of thousands of Mac devices. What is...

Top 5 Scariest Zombie Botnets

... variants. Flashback For folks who thoughts “Macs don... Macs can and do get malware – infected machines...-fraud malware via an exploit kit, it serves Mac users with...

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