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Six ways to backup your data

.... Time Machine For the Mac users out there, Time Mac...he last month and then weekly backups until the mac...edicated wireless machine is expensive - MacMac only 4. N...

Five hacker movies that got things badly wrong

...n one night. On a mid-nineties Mac Powerbook. H...

Millions of computers left vulnerable to BIOS chip hack

...ead all of the data that appears in a machine's m...ffected macaffected machines have been notified and a patch is in t...

The future of security in healthcare: Mobile devices

...etwork. Attackers often try to break into machines they v...ains access to a machine or user credentials that get t...

Premera Breach: Healthcare businesses in the crosshairs to silently get into machines. And vendors often p...e particularly problematic for medical machines, a...pgrade those machines as soon as possible, or to at l...

Superfish: Lenovo goes on the bloatware offensive

Its been just under three weeks since February 19th, when Lenovo became entangled in a web of controversy over its preinstallation of Superfish's Visual Search adware on some of its...

ESET's Mark James on 2015's security trends

...way from Windows XP is helping - although 20% of mac...

Lenovo and Superfish? Don't panic, you may not be affected

...onsumers -- the affected Lenovo machines are generally c...f the program across all makes and type of Windows mac...omputers, and here on the Mac.] Rage against the machine S...

Casper Malware: After Babar and Bunny, Another Espionage Cartoon

...xtensive efforts to remain unseen on targeted machines. O...ersistent on the machine. The second is a Windows library t...

Phishing, exploits and botnets – how can they affect your business?

...o execute a piece of malware on the machine, which i...

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