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Apple bolsters app store security with 2FA and Touch ID

...aking purchases through the Apple Store. Mac Rumors n...

Unboxing Linux/Mumblehard: Muttering spam from your servers

...egitimate IP addresses of the infected machines. The rel...eek of April, more than 3,000 machines were affected b...

Researchers design 'decoy password' system to fool hackers

... machine-dependent function, such as a physically u...

How did the Internet change the everyday work of a security researcher?

Every May 17th is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, which attempts to raise global awareness on how the Internet and new technologies changed our society, and the opportunities they gave to...

Operation Buhtrap, the trap for Russian accountants

Late in 2014, we noticed and started to track an undocumented malicious campaign targeting Russian businesses, and that has been active for well over a year. The malware used in...

First exploitation of Internet Explorer 'Unicorn bug' in-the-wild

...n a remote machine, but it can also bypass the E...ould be run on a machine merely by visiting a s...

Is online voting a security risk?

...oting machines from manufacturer SDU NV after int...he software of voting machines, tampering with the h...ministrative rights on machines used by election o...

Six ways to backup your data

.... Time Machine For the Mac users out there, Time Mac...he last month and then weekly backups until the mac...edicated wireless machine is expensive - MacMac only 4. N...

Microsoft to overhaul security updates for Windows 10

...dvance Threat Analytics, designed to use machine-l...

Online democracy by 2020? University reveals e-voting security breakthrough

... computer is a hugely powerful, all-purpose mac...

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