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How can domestic violence survivors protect their privacy?

...rovide a frame of reference: I will be focusing on t...o help educate me as well as other readers. Digital...

Nude Celebs, Target, Home Depot: Who is to blame? Criminals!

...Celebgate, the leaking of nude photos of ce...unst Slams Apple After Alleged Nude Photo Leak: b...lames iCloud for photo hacking” (Hollywood Life). Much a...

Will 2014 be the year passwords die? Five out-there ideas that aim to take their place

...ystem is that some can be fooled by pphotographs - h...f a “facial landmark” in frames taken from a video s...

Anatomy of a Biting Bunny – The Infected Microsoft Catalog Update

...he iPod, or Digital Photo Frames and the Autorun P...ust be digitally signed in order to work with M...hat the file in question was digitally signed or a...

Do You Have a Process?

...tores have sold infected digital photo frames, and e...arketing item, but oftentimes people are not aware of the digital...

Deus ex machina

It will likely come as no surprise to regular readers of ESET's Threat Blog that we are somewhat gadget aficionados here in the Research Department. Our focus, however, is usually...

The Internet Book of the Dead

...etween (physically) huge mainframes and the web wasn&r...iece about “the complications of a digital w...

Confused about Conficker?

...ake digital photo frames, MP3 players, GPS systems, a...

Digital Photo Frames and the Autorun Problem

...ore than once talked about problems with digital photo... frames, and at Xmas did so again with reference t...lugging in a frame) and it loads automatically, and that w...

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