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Week in security: FBI malware, billion password leak - Chinese hotel goes mad

... the co-ordinated action against GameOver Zeus. CERT...

Malware behind 25% of cyber attacks - and DoS is ‘so last year’ says CERT team

... the co-ordinated action against GameOver Zeus. CERT...

New banking malware ‘Dyre’ targets Bank of America, CitiGroup accounts

... Zeus malware. Dyre has been designed to target...

Ransomware 101: FAQ for computer users and smartphone owners

...) GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker: Law enforcement hits...

GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker: Law enforcement hits gang responsible

... and operation of both the GameOver Zeus and... millions of dollars. The GameOver Zeus malware created a... GameOver Zeus was also used to steal personal data...

Behind Blackshades: a closer look at the latest FBI cyber crime arrests

...’ malware like Zeus and Citadel. Its users constituted a...

Corkow: Analysis of a business-oriented banking Trojan

... Zeus (also known as Zbot), Carberp, Hesperbot, or...

Corkow - the lesser-known Bitcoin-curious cousin of the Russian banking Trojan family

... leaked Zeus source code. But beyond these familiar...

Walking through Win32/Jabberbot.A instant messaging C&C

... wrote extensively about one such example: Zeus Trojan...

2013: a View to a Scam

... deliver a payload that gets Zeus P2P over SSL. I don...

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