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Cybercrime update: take downs, arrests, convictions, and sentences

Information security could use some good news right now, something to offset the string of bad news about data breaches and system vulnerabilities; so how about this: "Cyber Criminal Forum...

2013: a View to a Scam

There are plenty of scams effective enough to rate a warning or three, in the hope of alerting potential victims to the kind of gambit they use. And so, even...

Tax Scams, Malware, Phishing and a 419

It wasn’t until Stephen Cobb described me in a tweet as “My esteemed scam-fighter colleague…” that I really began to appreciate how many of my own recent blogs have been about scams rather than...

GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker: Law enforcement hits gang responsible

...nd operation of both the GameOver Zeus and Cry...illions of dollars. The GameOver Zeus malware created a b...ameOver Zeus was also used to steal personal data a...

Fighting the Botnet Wars

...rebs (@briankrebs) on the merging of the Zeus and S...

New malware 'Punkey' detected in new point-of-sale attack

...angerous than the Zeus exploit kit that was used to steal m...

PoSeidon Malware attacks Point of Sale credit card transactions

...ore dangerous than the Zeus exploit kit that was u...

Obama administration seeks more power to tackle botnets

...etworks like GameOver Zeus, which is said to have stolen m...

FBI puts $3m bounty on Russian hacker

...unning the GameOver Zeus attack network, which is said t...ver Zeus malware called 'Jabber Zeus.' Writing a...

Top 5 Scariest Zombie Botnets

...irst discovered. Zeus What if the zombie infection d...arm animals too? Zeus had not only a successful b...ack to life as Gameover Zeus, which the FBI and its p...

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