New USB killer ‘destroys computer within seconds’

The follow-up to the original USB killer by Dark Purple can obliterate a computer within seconds by delivering a a negative 220-volt charge into the device.

UK’s NCA warns online bankers to be wary of Dridex malware

The virulent Dridex malware poses a serious threat to online bankers in the UK, according to the National Crime Agency. Internet users urged to be vigilant.

America’s Thrift Stores experiences data breach

America’s Thrift Stores has announced that it is the latest victim of a cyberattack, with the gang behind the data breach thought to be from Eastern Europe.

Beware banking trojans and their nasty helpers

Banking trojans are ubiquitous and growing in number and sophistication, largely through trojan downloaders and webinjects. Here are four severe cases.

Millennials ‘need assurance with online data security’

Businesses “need to persuade millennials” that their online data is safe, as this demographic remains sceptical about security, a new survey has found.

Dow Jones & Company experiences data breach

The latest big name victim of a data breach is Dow Jones & Company, which reports that up to 3,500 of its customers may have been affected.

European organizations ‘underestimate cybersecurity risks’

A new survey suggests that businesses across Europe are failing to grasp the severity of cybersecurity risks, leaving them exposed to all sorts of attacks.

3 recommendations that can make your applications safer

Are you working on a new application? If so, consider these three recommendations that highlight the importance of thinking about information security.

The most frequent threats on email

As part of World Post Day (October 9th), we take a closer look at the many security risks associated with email, the electronic cousin of regular mail.

Smartphone thieves face tougher sentencing in the UK

Smartphone thieves will be punished more severely for stealing smartphones because of the emotional distress it causes victims.

Public Wi-Fi: Convenience trumps risks

In the rush for convenience, we have overlooked security when it comes to public Wi-Fi. And, as this feature investigates, there are plenty of dangers.

Webcam hacker spent up to 12 hours a day watching his victims

A hacker who used the notorious Blackshades RAT malware to hijack webcams on computers, and secretly watch people engaged in sexual activity, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Android AdDisplay using anti-bouncer technique

In order to help make Google Play a safer place for Android users, ESET continues to monitor the official Android app market for malicious or potentially unwanted applications.

Samsung Pay ‘safe’ from LoopPay attack

Samsung denies that Samsung Pay has been affected by an attack on LoopPay, a startup that it recently acquired to develop its mobile payment system.

Business security: Is simpler better?

Staying safe and protected online as an enterprise is growing in importance and recognition. We look at whether business security needs to be simpler?

Are healthcare organizations ready to get serious about security … now?

ESET security researcher Lysa Myers looks at a few of the questions she has been hearing more often about the recent surfeit of insurer breaches.

WhatsApp scam extends into multiple countries and brands

IKEA, KFC, H&M and 7-Eleven are just a few popular brands that are being exploited by cybercriminals via WhatsApp. We take a closer look at this multi-country, multi-brand fraud.

Tech Support Scams: Top of the Pop-Ups

Support scams and fake alerts are still big business. We look at scammer psychology and a little parapsychology.

Global cost of cybercrime ‘continues to rise’

A new report from the Ponemon Institute reveals that the global cost of cybercrime to businesses shows no signs of slowing down.

New YiSpecter malware attacks iOS devices without jailbreak

A new malware identified as YiSpecter attacks iOS devices with and without jailbreak, researchers from Palo Alto Networks have revealed. ESET has detected this malware as a trojan with both variants iOS/YiSpecter.A and iOS/YiSpecter.B.

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