3D guns, copyright nastiness, and printers gone wild

Did you see the recent story about police in England seizing a 3D printer suspected of producing parts for a weapon – a pistol in this case? Yes, the Greater Manchester Police Department was swiftly nipping hi-tech crime in the bud. The only problem: The poor unsuspecting “criminal” was printing out spare parts for a

More D-Link routers are vulnerable to attacks, researcher claims

More vulnerabilities have been discovered in a D-Link router, leaving the device vulnerable to attacks via its web interface – only weeks after the discovery of a “backdoor” in other D-Link devices.

Massive ‘war game’ batters London’s banking system with simulated cyber onslaught

One of the largest cyber ‘war games’ ever created tested thousands of banking staff across London’s investment banks against the ‘worst case scenario’ – a major cyber attack on stock exchanges.

ESET response to Bits of Freedom open letter on detection of government malware

A coalition of digital rights organizations and academics recently published an ‘open letter’ to the Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus industry asking for clarification on vendor policies regarding cooperation with government agencies and/or law enforcement using state-sponsored Trojans. This is ESET’s official response.

Back up now! Warning over new wave of Filecoder infections hitting U.S.

American PC users are being hit with a new wave of Filecoder ransomware, which locks access to computers and demands $300 – with a ticking timer before files are locked forever, according to US-CERT.

Bitcoin heist nets thieves $1.2 million – and site warns “don’t store your coins on the net”

A cyberheist targeting a bitcoin “bank” website has netted thieves more than 4,100 bitcoins, worth $1.2 million. The hack is among the largest thefts in the currency’s four-year history.

New ‘inkblot’ passwords could be safe – even AFTER a big breach, researchers claim

The system relies on users describing patterns of blots, then matching descriptions to patterns – and should be foil the automated programs used by cybercriminals, the researchers say.

How can domestic violence survivors protect their privacy?

Domestic violence is not something that gets discussed much in information security circles, but there are few people that need advice on assuring their online safety more urgently than victims of stalking and domestic abuse. What can people do to protect themselves when there is a known and persistent threat?

‘Drug market’ Silk Road 2.0 launches on Tor – with new security in place

Only weeks after the closure of Silk Road, a “drug market” which authorities claim shipped $1.2 billion of drugs including heroin around the world, a site styling itself Silk Road 2.0 has appeared. Like the original, it is only accessible via the “anonymous” browser Tor.

FBI adds five new targets to its Cyber’s Most Wanted list – with bounties up to $100,000

The FBI added five new cybercriminals to its Most Wanted list – including a new entry at number one, Alexsey Belan. The FBI aimed a specific warning at criminals who thought they could “hide overseas”.

Five interesting facts about the Morris worm (for its 25th anniversary)

On November 2nd, 1988, the Morris worm was released by its author, and within 24 hours had caused damage across the world. It spread via the internet – and its release marked a new dawn for malicious software. Our five facts highlight what has changed since – and what hasn’t.

Knock, knock, unlock: New app unlocks Macs with two taps on your iPhone

A new app lets you unlock Mac computers without entering a password – users simply tap on a paired iPhone with the Knock app when near the Mac, and it opens up.

Adobe breach reveals really terrible passwords are still popular – 2 million used “123456″

Adobe’s security breach laid bare 38 million passwords to the world – and a security researcher claims that 1.9 million of these are the simple “123456”. Half a million craftier customers chose “123456789”

Tom Hanks and Donald Trump among 850,000 victims as limo firm hack leaks addresses and AmEx numbers

Tom Hanks and Donald Trump are among a client list of 850,000 users of limousines and town cars to become the latest “trophy” claimed by hackers, after a breach at a nationwide limousine firm – which netted addresses and credit card details.

Google testing new way to keep passwords snooper-proof in Chrome

Google may soon offer Chrome users a little extra protection for their passwords – which could previously be accessed in “one click” on unattended machines. The search giant is testing a new security feature, according to reports.

Halloween Edition: Spookiest Malware

Lysa Myers talks about some of the scariest malicious code seen by antivirus researchers over the years.

Mavericks gooses OS X 10.9 adoption rate

Will Apple’s recent move to offer OS X 10.9 Mavericks as a free update boost adoption and security? We could be seeing a new model of operating system upgrades emerging across numerous platforms.

Ghost in the machine: Mysterious malware “jumps” between disconnected PCs, researcher claims

A three-year-battle with a mysterious new strain of malware has led researcher Dragos Ruiu to conclude that the BadBIOS malware infesting his lab “jumps” from PC to PC using sound – and can be transmitted without any internet connection.

NSA and Wall Street: online activity shrinks, changes post-Snowden

News of the NSA’s mass electronic surveillance is having a negative impact on consumer sentiment toward online technology and tech companies, according to recent survey that suggests it could hurt GDP and corporate profits.

Google adds new layer of defense against “bad” Chrome plug-ins – and tests malware blocker

Users of Google’s Chrome browser will be able to “purge” rogue plug-ins, after attacks where a supposedly helpful browser add-on contains malware – a tactic adopted by cybercriminals, as reported by We Live Security earlier this year.

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