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Is it really the end for password authentication?

Passwords as a method of authentication may be seeing their end of days. But what's a realistic alternative to our old, alphanumeric security standby? Biometrics? Or perhaps two-factor authentication can play a role?

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2FA – are big banks failing America?

The Target breach caused real damage to millions of American card users - but big financial institutions are doing little to remedy security issues by offering extra security such as 2FA.

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World of Warcraft account hacked – should thieves face jail?

Account hackers and thieves who loot magic weapons, armor and hard-won game currency from players in massively multiplayer titles such as World of Warcraft should face the same sentences as real-world thieves, a politician has suggested.

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No credit card required – Swedish shops let you pay in blood

At 15 payment machines dotted around the Swedish city of Lund, people can buy items without needing a card - or a phone equipped with a “Near Field” chip. All that’s required are the correct veins.

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The perils of passwords – and how to avoid them

There are lots of ways that hackers can steal your passwords, and use them against you. So what can you do to fight back?

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