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Can e-cigarettes give you malware?

The long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes - or E-cigarettes - are still open for discussion - but the devices could harm your computer, at least if one report is to be believed.

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Online ad threat – Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube ‘victims of malvertising’

Anyone who has visited popular domains such as, or could be a victim of a new, mutating malware attack distributed through the adverts displayed on the sites.

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Credit card security fears – could Home Depot breach be biggest yet?

Shoppers at Home Depot stores may have had their credit card details leaked online, after a massive batch of card information went on sale on a criminal internet site this week - and veteran security reporter Brian Krebs warns it may be the biggest leak yet.

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Online fraud – POS malware has now hit 1,000 U.S. firms

More than a thousand U.S. businesses have been affected by point-of-sale malware - malicious software written specifically for online fraud, to steal information such as credit card details from businesses and their customers.

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Scareware: It’s back, and now it’s even scarier

‘Scareware’ - fake antivirus programs which attempt to fool the user into downloading malware, by warning him or her of a “threat” on their PC - is back, with a new, even more annoying trick.

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Flight MH370 – did cyber attack steal its secret?

Classified documents relating to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 were stolen using a carefully-crafted spear-phishing attack, targeting 30 government officials just one day after it vanished.

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Week in security: FBI malware, billion password leak – Chinese hotel goes mad

With Black Hat 2014 in full swing in Las Vegas, it was never going to be a quiet week - but revelations about FBI malware and a trove of a billion passwords inspired furious debate too.

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Malware behind 25% of cyber attacks – and DoS is ‘so last year’ says CERT team

Cybercriminals are waging a game of ‘cat and mouse’ with corporations, well-armed with malware protection AV software but facing adversaries who scan constantly for weak points, according to the first quarterly report released by the UK’s new Computer Emergency Response Team.

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Malware: Every USB port is “defenseless” against new scam

The billions of USB ports in use in PCs are vulnerable to a new attack - which can undetectably install malware, steal data and seize control of machines.

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Insider threat – should you worry about the ‘enemy within’?

Disgruntled employees and other malicious insiders could be one of the most serious security threats companies face - but the importance of the threat from the ‘enemy within’ varies according to who you ask.

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