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Crítica vulnerabilidad en Linux permite ejecución de código desde 2009

Esta semana se dio a conocer la existencia de una vulnerabilidad de 5 años de antigüedad que afecta a la mayoría de las distribuciones del sistema operativo Linux. La misma radica en el kernel del sistema operativo y permite, entre otras cosas, la ejecución de código arbitrario y la elevación de privilegios. Fue introducida al

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Heart-breaking – or side-splitting? Online video offers worst Heartbleed advice possible

Many mainstream news outlets offered advice on dealing with the Heartbleed bug - some misleading. This week, a spoof video has finally cut to the heart of the matter, and offered the worst advice imaginable on how to deal with the bug.

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‘Heartbleed thingumajig’ man suffers hackers revenge

Man challenges hackers to break into accounts after complaining Heartbleed was “overhyped” – and has online life destroyed in minutes.

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All eyes on Heartbleed bug: worse than feared and could affect “billions”

The full scope of the Heartbleed bug came to light in a series of reports by researchers and white-hat hackers, with some claiming a billion smartphones may be at risk, as well as a statement allegedly from the US government over its use of the bug.

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16 May 2014
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