New fingerprint ID system scans for living blood – and is “solution to cybercrime”, makers claim

Launched today in London, the technology mixes biometrics and other security technologies for what its makers claim is a “transformative” solution to combating cybercrime – and which can be used for network security, banking machines and even smartphones.

Rotten routers? More brands found to contain hidden “backdoors”

Routers from Chinese manufacturer Tenda contain a hidden “backdoor” which could allow attackers to “take over” the router and send it commands. The company also sells routers branded as Medialink, and the machines are available around the world.

New iPad will add iPhone 5S-style fingerprint scanner, leaked picture hints

Apple has announced an event for October 22, with the usual teasing headline, “We still have a lot to cover.” Leaked pictures hint that at least one of those things will be an iPad protected by the Fingerprint ID system used in iPhone 5S.

Supercar security? Porsche and Lacie unveil “ultra-secure” encrypted USB stick

For many PC users USB keys must seem like a relic of a bygone age – but for security-conscious workers, keys can be a very safe place for data. Porsche and Lacie’s new USB offers password-protected storage for sensitive files.

Smartphone users want more protection – and don’t mind being fingerprinted, says Paypal

Smartphone users want more protection for the data on their cellphone – and are perfectly comfortable being fingerprinted if that’s the best option, accoriding to a new survey commissioned by PayPal.

Android users to get Apple-baiting fingerprint protection “by next year”

Apple’s fingerprint sensor has drawn a huge amount of attention (and hack attempts) ever since it launched on iPhone 5S – but it seems Android users will get their own fingerprint protection shortly.

Who goes there? Voice-recognizing biometrics are set to take off, claims Nuance exec

The human voice can be used as a secure, quick way to identify people, claims Bretislav Beranek of voice-recognition software company Nuance. Beranek claims that voice ID is gaining ground – and could even be used to authenticate users for credit cards.

Getting warmer? New Hotspot 2.0 “could offer safer public Wi-Fi”

Logging into public Wi-Fi hotspots can be risky, particularly for business users with sensitive data on their devices – but a new breed of hi-tech hotspots may make things safer, the Wi-Fi Alliance claims.

Loose lips sink ships: Apple’s voice assistant Siri lets ANYONE in – again

An Israeli security researcher has found another way round Apple’s Fingerprint ID security system – this time via a two-step lock-screen glitch which works with the new iOS update 7.0.2.

Walk this way! Forget fingerprints – could our daily habits be the passwords of the future?

One day, your smartphone might “recognise” you by the way you walk, the way your fingers tap on a touchscreen – or even simply where you go during the day. Habits such as your walk can be as distinctive as a fingerprint, researchers claim.

Keep your Droid on a leash: Google lets users change passwords remotely

Android users will now be able to remotely add a password to a lost device, even if it’s locked, or already being used. Android police describe the new feature as “incredibly robust.”

“Do not keep sensitive data on iPhone,” group warns after latex-fingerprint hack

Germany’s Chaos Computer Club released a video showing how a “fake fingerprint” made from latex could be used to fool the sensor, allowing any attacker access to the handset.

Brainwave-scanning hat could be most secure car key ever made

A brainwave scanner could be used as the ultimate biometric “car key” according to researchers at Tottori University – and even prevent carjackings, drunk driving, or accidents caused by drivers falling asleep.

Phishing warning after Vodafone hack leaks personal information for 2 million customers

A breach which has leaked personal data for two million Vodafone Germany customers has ben claimed to be the work of an insider, according to Vodafone.

The end? “Passwords are done,” says Google security chief

“Passwords are done at Google,” said Heather Adkins, Google’s information security chief – and said that “the game is over” for start-ups relying on passwords as the chief method to keep users secure.

Apple’s fingerprint-reading iPhone 5S – a new dawn for biometric security?

Apple introduced biometric security to iPhone for the first time with the launch of its new iPhone 5S, featuring what Apple describes as an “intelligent” and “accurate” laser fingerprint sensor.

“Silent” audio could be key to unlocking PCs, new password-beating start-up claims

Simply holding your phone a few inches from your PC to “hear” signals inaudible to humans will be enough to log in to sites and services previously protected by cumbersome two-factor systems, a new start-up claims.

Smarter phones? Evidence mounts for fingerprint-protected iPhone

When Apple unveils its new iPhone models Tuesday, one particularly persistent rumor may come true – that at least one model of the new hardware will feature a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Four out of five people are “locked out” of websites due to lost passwords

Four out of five consumers have been “locked out” of websites due to not remembering log-ins – and over a fifth rely on password resets “on a regular basis,” according to a survey conducted by Ping Identity.

Could your heartbeat be the password of the future? Hi-tech wristband offers new way to log in

Your unique heartbeat could offer a secure and easy-to-use alternative to remembering dozens of long, complex passwords, according to Bionym, who launched a new “password wristband” today.

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