Cyberattacks should be included in international humanitarian law

The seriousness of cyberattacks is such that it should be included in international humanitarian law, a new report from the Global Commission on Internet Governance has said.

Google makes two-step verification easier

Google has just introduced a new feature for users to make its two-step verification (2SV) process easier.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg ‘tapes over webcam’

A Facebook post from Mark Zuckerberg ‘reveals’ that he is serious about security, as it seems to show that his webcam is covered up with tape.

Acer experiences major data breach

Acer has experienced a major data breach, with up to 34,500 of its customers thought to be affected. It has already submitted a “breach notification sample” to the Office of the Attorney General in California.

UK MPs call for tougher sanctions against cybercriminals

Individuals convicted of unlawfully obtaining or selling personal data should serve up to two years in prison, according to a new report from the UK’s culture, media and sports committee.

The security review: Nemucod, cyberbullying and Windows 10 one year on

Welcome to this week’s security review, which includes detail on the evolution of Nemucod and thoughts on Windows 10 one year on from its launch.

Nato: Cyberspace is an operational domain of warfare

Nato has acknowledged that cyberspace is now an operational domain of warfare, along with air, sea and land.

Organizational cybersecurity efforts ‘needs bolstering’

Organizations need to take charge of their cybersecurity efforts to ensure they are well-equipped to deal with this growing threat.

VerticalScope experiences major data breach: 45 million records stolen

VerticalScope has experienced a major data breach, with cybercriminals making off with over 45 million records belonging to over 1,100 websites, it has been reported.

Apple looks into the benefits of differential privacy

Differential privacy is going to be key to how Apple collects, stores and uses data, the tech giant revealed during its Worldwide Developers Conference.

The security review: Ray-Ban scam is back

Welcome to this week’s security review, including news of a returning Ray-Ban scam that has spread from social media to email.

Most organizations unconfident in ability to protect data after breach

The majority of IT professionals say they are not confident in their ability to keep their organization’s data secure following a breach, a Gemalto study has found.

University of Calgary bows down to ransomware demands

The University of Calgary has handed over $20,000 CND to cybercriminals, who had launched a ransomware attack on the institution.

IRS’s new Get Transcript online service benefits from enhanced cybersecurity

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US has relaunched its Get Transcript online service, which it says is delivers enhanced cybersecurity.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts accessed

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts have been accessed without his permission or knowledge, it has been revealed.

The security review: Crouching Tiger, Hidden DNS

Welcome to this week’s security review, including the story of a DNS hijack that sets the victim’s computer to use specific DNS servers.

Nearly all phishing emails now contain ransomware

As many as 93% of all phishing emails now contain ransomware, according to a new report by PhishMe.

Beware online fraudsters jumping on the back of recent data breaches

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued a public service announcement warning people about online fraudsters, who are attempting to exploit a recent spate of data breaches that have only just come to light.

Myspace data breach: 360 million accounts affected

Myspace has revealed that it was the victim of a data breach. The incident took place a few years ago and is thought to have affected close to 360 million accounts.

Decision makers at banks ‘in the dark’ about data breaches

Decision makers at banks are in the dark when it comes to data breaches at their organization, according to KPMG’s 2016 Banking Outlook Survey.

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