Sony agrees to $8 million settlement over 2014 data breach

Sony Pictures Entertainment says that it will pay out $8 million to its employees, over a data breach last year. The studio was attacked by cybercriminals over the release of the movie The Interview.

LTE vulnerabilities puts Android devices at risk of attack

Vulnerabilities that have been found in LTE networks leave Android devices open to a DDoS attack, according to the Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC) at Carnegie Mellon University.

Facebook to alert users to state-sponsored cyberattacks

Facebook has revealed that it will let its users know if their accounts have been subject to state-sponsored cyberattacks.

False sense of security leaves American homes vulnerable to cybercriminals

Many American homes have a false sense of security when it comes to their devices and networks – their digital doors could do with better protection.

Crime levels in England and Wales rise with cybercrime inclusion

There has been a sharp rise in crime levels in England and Wales as cybercrime data has been included in official statistics for the first time.

New USB killer ‘destroys computer within seconds’

The follow-up to the original USB killer by Dark Purple can obliterate a computer within seconds by delivering a a negative 220-volt charge into the device.

America’s Thrift Stores experiences data breach

America’s Thrift Stores has announced that it is the latest victim of a cyberattack, with the gang behind the data breach thought to be from Eastern Europe.

Millennials ‘need assurance with online data security’

Businesses “need to persuade millennials” that their online data is safe, as this demographic remains sceptical about security, a new survey has found.

Dow Jones & Company experiences data breach

The latest big name victim of a data breach is Dow Jones & Company, which reports that up to 3,500 of its customers may have been affected.

European organizations ‘underestimate cybersecurity risks’

A new survey suggests that businesses across Europe are failing to grasp the severity of cybersecurity risks, leaving them exposed to all sorts of attacks.

Smartphone thieves face tougher sentencing in the UK

Smartphone thieves will be punished more severely for stealing smartphones because of the emotional distress it causes victims.

Samsung Pay ‘safe’ from LoopPay attack

Samsung denies that Samsung Pay has been affected by an attack on LoopPay, a startup that it recently acquired to develop its mobile payment system.

Global cost of cybercrime ‘continues to rise’

A new report from the Ponemon Institute reveals that the global cost of cybercrime to businesses shows no signs of slowing down.

Experian experiences T-Mobile data breach

Experian has revealed that information belonging to T-Mobile, which was housed on one of its servers, has been accessed by cybercriminals in a data breach.

Significant WinRAR vulnerability identified

An expert says that the popular compression tool WinRAR contains a significant vulnerability that exposes it to an attack.

Virtual skyscraper Cyphinx hopes to find cyber talent

A 3D skyscraper has been developed to help the Cyber Security Challenge find the next generation of cyber talent.

UK parents ‘want minimum age for smartphone ownership’

A survey has found that most parents in the UK are keen to see a minimum age introduced for smartphone ownership.

Vulnerable medical equipment details disclosed online

Vulnerable hospital equipment details can be found online, two security researchers have found.

Compromised Uber accounts ‘being used in China’

It has been reported that compromised Uber accounts are being used by criminals in China.

DHS working on ‘self-destructing’ security chip for smartphones

A security chip that self-protects the device it is embedded in is being developed by the Department for Homeland Security.

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