UK Cyber Security Academy will boost cyberattack resilience

The newly launched Cyber Security Academy in the UK will deliver comprehensive solutions and insight to all types of sophisticated cyberattacks.

The security review: Virtualization, diversity and encryption

Get up-to-date with the latest happenings in information security with our review of the past week.

Instagram’s new API policy toughens access to its feed

Instagram’s new API policy makes it a lot harder for third party apps to gain access to its feed. News of this comes on the back of a malicious app harvesting its user’s details.

Apple’s Tim Cook: There’ll be no backdoor in encryption

Apple’s Tim Cook has said in an interview with the Irish Independent that the idea of introducing backdoor access into encryption is ‘firmly off’ its agenda.

The security review: malware, child safety in the digital age and email security boost

Not quite sure what were the most interesting and intriguing information security stories of the past week? Not to worry – the security review has you covered.

TalkTalk braces itself for a huge cyberattack bill of £35 million

The cost of last month’s cyberattack on TalkTalk is likely to top £35 million, the company’s CEO, Dido Harding, has admitted in an interview.

Comcast resets 200,000 cleartext passwords that were up for sale online

Comcast resets customer account details after it found out that information was being sold on the dark web.

£6.5 million CyberInvest initiative to boost UK’s cyberdefences

CyberInvest is the latest government initiative designed to boost the country’s leadership in cybersecurity.

The security review: Industrie 4.0, Schrödinger’s Cat and weakening encryption

This week’s roundup of the past seven days includes a interesting piece on Industrie 4.0, Schrödinger’s antivirus, proposals to weaken encryption and much more.

UK government: Data encryption needs to be limited

The UK government is to put forward proposals that will require organizations to limit the effectiveness of data encryption, arguing it weakens security.

The security review: Car hacking, internet at 46 and TalkTalk cyber-arrests

Welcome to our new weekly round-up, offering you a recap of the biggest stories, opinion pieces and reports from the world of information security from the past seven days.

European Parliament offers support to Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has been described as a “international human rights defender” by the European Parliament, which has called on all EU member states to back the whistleblower.

ENISA to invest in emerging smart critical infrastructure security

Enhancing security in emerging smart critical infrastructures will be a key focus areas for the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security in 2016.

TalkTalk cyberattack: The story so far

The TalkTalk cyberattack has attracted a lot of media attention since it was first reported that a serious incident had taken place. We cut through the noise and offer a concise summary of what has transpired.

Walgreens ‘halts’ Theranos partnership following WSJ technology expose

The fallout from a Wall Street Journal technology expose that claims Theranos has been less than transparent over its blood tests continues with Walgreens putting its partnership with the company “up for discussion”.

IT workers ‘the riskiest users of technology’

A new report finds that in the world of business, it is in fact IT workers who are the riskiest users of technology.

TalkTalk ‘receives ransom demand’ for cyberattack

TalkTalk’s chief executive has confirmed that she has received a ransom demand from an individual or group claiming responsibility for the cyberattack.

TalkTalk experiences ‘significant and sustained cyberattack’

It has been revealed that TalkTalk has been subject to a “significant and sustained cyberattack”, with criminals likely to have accessed personal and banking details belonging to its customers.

‘Collaboration needed’ to combat low-impact cybercrime

Greater collaboration between the UK’s technology industry and police forces is essential to successfully tackle “high-volume, low-impact cybercrime”, a new report advises.

Apple: It is impossible to access encrypted data on iPhones

Apple has once again reiterated its claim that it is technically impossible for it to access encrypted data on iPhones that are running iOS 8 or higher and even if it was possible, it would be apprehensive to perform such an action.

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