Even IT security professionals reuse passwords – with 81% admitting to risky habit

The question, “Who watches the watchmen?” appears to apply all too well to passwords – after a survey found that IT security professionals can be less than secure in their own habits.

Up to 81% of IT security professionals reuse passwords across multiple applications, ignoring best practice for security – and probably contradicting the advice they would give to others. The statistic comes from a survey of security professionals conducted at the RSA Conference, held in San Francisco in March this year.

The survey of 198 attendees was conducted by Ping Identity, a cloud-based identity management company.

The research also found that today’s security professionals are highly mobile – choosing tablets over PCs, and having logged in to work applications from locations as diverse as nightclubs, boats and theme parks. Naturally, “the bathroom” also scored highly, with 21% of those polled admitting to logging in from that location.

Nearly half – 49% – of those polled said they logged in to a work application from a mobile device more than 10 times a day. A similar number – 45% – said that they chose a tablet over laptops or PCs more than 25% of the time.

“The data shows that the mobile-powered workforce is here to stay, but even those most concerned with security aren’t very secure users,” said Roger Oberg, Ping Identity’s VP of Marketing and Product Management.

Author Rob Waugh, We Live Security

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