Threat Trends Report

The March Threatsense report at includes, apart from the Top Ten threats:

  • a feature article on Japanese-disaster-related scamming by Urban Schrott and myself
  • news of the Infosec Europe expo in London on the 19th-21st April, the AMTSO and CARO workshops in Prague in May, and the EICAR Conference in Austria that follows
  • the story of a fake AV package passing itself off as an ESET product
  • commentary on a premature requiem for the firewall
  • commentary on a lo-tech ATM scam reported by Randy Abrams

While the top ten ran like this:

  1. INF/Autorun
  2. Win32/Conficker
  3. Win32/PSW.OnLineGames
  4. Win32/Sality
  5. INF/Conficker
  6. Win32/Bflient
  7. Win32/Autorun
  8. Win32/Tifaut.C
  9. Win32/Autoit
  10. Win32/Spy.Ursnif.A

Much more information on the Threat Center page.

ESET Senior Research Fellow

Author David Harley, ESET

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