Before I started today's flurry of blogs, I was uncharacteristically quiet: first I was at  an AMTSO event in San Mateo, then at RSA in San Francisco, and then in darkest Shropshire for reasons that won't interest you in the least.

I was planning to put up some news about the AMTSO workshop by now, but in view of some recent developments, I'm going to hold back on that for a few days. However, I will at least take the opportunity to thank Jong Purisima and the guys at Webroot for looking after us so well.

The following week I was at RSA. It was a particular pleasure to see Eddy Willems, Paul Ducklin, Chester Wisniewski, Alan Shimel, Pavel Baudis et al at the Security Bloggers Meet-Up, and many of the Great and Good at ESET at the SC Awards dinner. I also spent some time around the ESET booth. Nice to catch up with so many of the people I mostly only see when I get to San Diego, and I particularly enjoyed Randy Abrams' presentation on some of the more dramatic security slip-ups of the past few years.

I was going to refer to some of the content of presentations I heard (notably the case studies by Dwayne Melançon and Chris Larsen), and some of the off-site events I got to, but that will have to wait now till I've got through a bit more of the work that was piling up while I was out of office. First, though, there's an item from my colleagues in Spain that I think you might find interesting. See my next item….

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