Fighting the Botnet Wars

Bart Parys (@bartblaze) recently contacted me about research he was conducting into botnets, exploit kits and so on. His article "The Botnet Wars: a Q&A" is now up. While Bart himself is a Technical Support Engineer at Panda Security, he's taken the approach of asking a number of experts and commentators (I'll leave it to you to decide which category I fall into…) some questions and interspersing their responses with his own commentary.

I'm sure he'll forgive me if I include his list of people who contributed responses (and their Twitter handles), since it includes some impressive names (and mine!):

  • Iftach Ian Amit of Security Art (@iiamit)
  • Luis Corrons of PandaLabs (@Luis_Corrons)
  • David Harley (@DavidHarleyBlog)
  • Mikko H. Hypponen of F-Secure (@mikkohypponen)
  • Paolo Milani of isecLAB (@paolo_milani)
  • David Sancho of Trend Micro (@dsancho66)
  • Steve Santorelli of Team Cymru (@teamcymru)
  • Lenny Zeltser of Savvis Security (@lennyzeltser)

And as a finishing touch, he quotes Brian Krebs (@briankrebs) on the merging of the Zeus and SpyEye codebases.

Very interesting.

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Author David Harley, ESET

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