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As a Fellow of the British Computer Society (is that the sound of a self-blown trumpet I hear? ) I get daily emails that I often don’t have time to read. Which is a pity, because when I do, I often find an interesting nugget. Sometimes I even get a paper magazine (remember those?) through the post, as I did this morning. Not primarily security, of course, but not irrelevant either.

One of the items that caught my eye was an item on a new group looking at the future of computing. Well, that’s an area we’re pretty interested in here, too, of course, so I looked a bit further. It turns out that there’s a founding panel consisting of Dave Cliff (a professor of computer science with a background in AI research), Zoe Lock of the Technology Strategy Board, Kieron O’Hara (a senior research fellow at the University of Southampton and the author of a number of books including "Plato and the Internet"), and Chris Yapp, senior strategy consultant at Capgemini.

The group is starting off with a "FutureTech.FutureSoc" blog covering topics like complexity, business and society, and web sciences. Not many entries up there at the moment, but those that are look pretty interesting. The most recent post, by Chris Yapp, talks about a recent book by Don Tapscott, author of "Growing Up Digital"  that I haven’t read yet, but certainly intend to now.

 If you’re interested enough to take a look, you might also want to check out the other BCS blogs especially the quirky oddIT blog, the security blog, and the ethics blog. Like all volunteer efforts, the posts seem fairly sparse, but much of what there is thought-provoking. See you there, maybe?

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