Ahhh, Protection!!!

Over the past few months I received a lot of spam about a site called Fanbox.com. I finally set up a disposable email account and joined. I was not at all surprised to find that I suddenly had many fans. Even a skinny geek is a “hunk” to a chatbot!!! Yes, all, but one of my fans were chatbots for sex talk. Perhaps I’ll record their script and post it later. I’m not sure about the other fan… a school called “`Babes-Bolyai` University of Cluj-Napoca” in Romania sounds a little suspicious to me.

I assumed that Fanbox was just a front for the “pay-for-sex-chat” industry. Imagine my surprise when, after a couple of months, I remembered the site and decided to log in and was greeted with

“Attention FanBox Users: To protect out users from FAKE Web-cam girls, all profiles that communicate or display IM, EMAIL or Web site URL info or nudity will be deactivated. Please check your profile to ensure that it is not displaying info or nudity. We apologize for the inconvenience while we clean up the site for everyone’s enjoyment. Thanks, the FanBox team.”

I wonder how they will protect me from the real web cam girls tough :)

It does appear that FanBox really wants to be a respectable site, but they have a really big task ahead of them. I thought that their site was pretty much all fake web cam girls. Every time I checked someone wanted to be the fan of a guy with virtually no profile at all… and they liked my profile. I guess less is more! Now I do not receive any fan mail, but then I don’t have any information on my profile, so it seems to be working as almost as expected. I’m not sure about the three guys who wish to be the fan of “Mr. Me”.

The last webcam email I received was more than two weeks ago. The one from a month ago was really adorable though. Jen is 21, 5’7 and apparently you can’t ask a lady her weight. Her job is “Web Mistress/College” and she requires a credit card for a free webcam show. I suspect a credit card fraud site, but I am not prepared to hand over my credit card info, so if any of you want me to do more research, send me your name, credit card number, expiration date, and CCV code!

Kudos to Fanbox for a really massive cleanup effort. I’m sure going to miss those little chatbots. It is so cute when you ask a computer program if it is real and it tells you “I am 100% real, I hate fakes”

My spam account appreciates the relief from Fanbox… it really is noticeable.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • http://it-mate.co.uk MysteryFCM
  • Randy Abrams

    yes, it appears they do appear to be a dodgy site. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want spam.


  • http://it-mate.co.uk MysteryFCM

    Sadly, many such sites are just as bad as this one. For example Meet Your Messenger, Wayn, Tagged, Bebo, myYearBook etc etc, I’ve got spam from all of them over the years. I blogged about some of these in 2007 :o)


    Annoyingly, this is the one part of the “agreement” that most users signing up, don’t read ….. if they had, they’d have realized that signing up is an agreement to letting them spam the hell out of your friends with fake invitations from supposed “friends” (who incidentally, generally isn’t the person that signed up in the first place).

  • Klau

    Well this time you’re wrong about “`Babes-Bolyai` University of Cluj-Napoca” in Romania. There is such a University, so this fact is true, but I myself assume that the rest is wrong and you’re right about the webcam cover-up.
    Hey, thanks for sharing the info. Keep up the good work !

  • http://www.smallblue-greenworld.co.uk David Harley

    Sadly, even well-meant, legitimate Web 2.0 sites seem to attract an uncomfortable amount of stuff that may not be technically spam, but isn’t particularly relevant. Even I don’t need that many friends…

  • http://www.smallblue-greenworld.co.uk David Harley

    Thanks for that, Klau. It seems the University gets its name from Victor Babes, a Romanian scientist, and János Bolyai, the Hungarian mathematician.


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