Cybercrime and Punishment, and a little Cryptanalysis…

Well, not so much about punishment, but I’m sitting in the lounge with Andrew Davies’s version of Dr. Zhivago in the background, so I’m in a Russian mood…

My colleague Jeff Debrosse, Director of Research in our San Diego office, drew my attention to the latest FBI challenge at Like many people in this business, I’m fascinated by encryption and decryption, but I don’t have a particular talent for it, so I probably won’t attempt the challenge. I was interested enough to follow this link, though, which is a short primer on "Analysis of Criminal Codes and Ciphers" by Daniel Olson, a cryptanalyst forensic examiner with the bureau. As an introduction to some basic cryptographic techniques with some real-life (criminal) applications, it looks very readable. If you’re interested in something a bit more comprehensive but not particularly technical/mathematical, Simon Singh’s "The Code Book" is also very readable. Bruce Schneier has written a couple of books that are still practical rather than theoretical, if you fancy something with a bit more meat to it…

Speaking of Jeff Debrosse, he was recently featured on Fox 5 News, talking about cybercrime. We posted a link here. Nice one, Jeff. :-) And since we’re blowing our own trumpets here, thank you Paul Lilly for a very positive review of ESET Smart Security in MaximumPC. ;-)

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