Bumper Phish Phry or a Drop in the Bucket?

We’re very interested in the whole Phishing problem, not just the malware/banking Trojans side of the issue. So while free publicity for job sites is not exactly the business we’re in, I thought you might find this item interesting. The PhishBucket site describes itself as a  nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting job seekers from fraudulent job offers. (Sounds good to me.) I’ve been aware of the site for some time, mostly through the Anti-Phishing Working Group, where the organization is represented: PhishBucket tracks and investigates fraudulent job offers such as money mule recruitment spam, job-related 419s, and pyramid schemes.

Today I came across a press release dealing with a new service PhishBucket is launching, called JobTank. Tabatha Marshall, the CEO, says of her joblisting service that it will apply a similar investigation/verification process to employers and recruiters who want to use it to advertise posts. Hopefully, all reputable job sites aspire to filter out scammers to the best of their ability, though PhishBucket’s experience with scammers should give them quite an edge. The twist, though, is that scammers who try to misuse the JobTank service are liable to find themselves added to the lists at PhishBucket, and the revenue earned from the JobTank listings will be used to underwrite PhishBucket’s operational costs. At a time when jobs are getting scarcer and scammers are taking advantage of that fact to promote job-related scams, this sounds to me like a resource worth investigating. If anyone out there tries it out, let us know how you get on. Even if you aren’t offering or looking for jobs, you might find the site worth looking at for the other scam-related resources it offers.

There’s a link to the whole press release here.

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