August 2008

Global Threat Report – Half Year

Our mid-yearly Global Threat Report looks at malware threat trends over the past six months, based on data from our ThreatSense®.net threat tracking system. This report focuses on broad trends rather than individual malware variants: this reflects better the proactive detection which is the strength of our products, but is also more useful to most readers. Here’s a

Apple Crumble?

I had an interesting query from Scientific American (see Larry Greenemeier’s blog at to see the main thrust of the discussion). He asked, "Could Apple’s move to pull its security presentation from the Black Hat conference backfire on the company and make the company more of a target for hacker scrutiny? Why?" It certainly made them

A Departure (sniffle)…

Alas, Andrew Lee, our beloved leader in the Research team, has left ESET for green fields and postures - er, pastures – new. He was last observed heading for the beach and muttering something about bikinis, but assures us that he isn’t leaving the antivirus industry. That’s certainly a good thing, as even before he joined

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