March 2007

VD (Vunlnerability Disease)

Microsoft Security Advisory (935423) – Vulnerability in Windows Animated Cursor Handling   This is a very serious vulnerability that is almost certainly to be exploited on a wide scale basis. If the vulnerability were limited to animated cursors alone it would not be as serious, but there are reports of jpg files, which are very

AskESET – Have You Heard of this Virus?

I received the following on from James G.   I have been hit by the following virus: (not on this PC) vxaudio.exe Have you ever heard of this?   Hi James,   I am not familiar with a virus named vxauio.exe, but that looks a whole lot like a file name. File names are

Identity Theft and Security

A friend was recently the unfortunate victim of credit card theft. I haven’t yet found a fortunate victim, but ultimately there is bound to be a criminal stupid enough to deposit money into a stolen account J In today’s online world, unless you can determine how the credit card theft occurred you really must assume

Good Directions… Priceless!

Fatigues – $28 Army boots -$129 GPS – $249 Good directions? Priceless   It seems the Swiss accidentally invaded Liechtenstein (   Now this is funny first and foremost because nobody got hurt. There were lots of other reasons it was funny too. For example, a neutral nation invading an unarmed nation is a rather

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